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Even though the last train to Kranjska Gora and onwards to Planica started its journey in 1966, you can still make at least part of the journey to Jesenice along the same route. How you continue to Kranjska Gora is up to you and your wishes. You can continue your journey on one of the buses that run on the regular Ljubljana-Rateče bus line, or you can hire a taxi. If you have brought your bicycle, you can continue along almost the same route that the train used to take more than 50 years ago. The scenic cycle path will lead you from Jesenice past the villages of Mojstrana, Belca and Gozd Martuljek all the way to Kranjska Gora.

Nearest train station: Jesenice, and from there by bus, taxi or bicycle along the cycle path to Kranjska Gora (20 km)

Take your bike on the train: a regular bike on the train costs just €1.50, an electric bike €3.00, whatever the distance. Always check availability before departure, as some trains have restrictions on the transport of bicycles.


The Gorenjska and Northern Primorska region are connected by the so-called Bohinj Railway. The trains that travel on this line also include a special motorail. The motorail can safely, quickly and easily take you through the longest Slovenian tunnel to Most na Soči – the starting point of the journey to the Soča Valley, which offers many different ways to spend time in nature. You can board the train with a passenger car, van, pickup truck, camper or bicycle. Vehicles can have a height of up to 3 metres and a width of up to 2.4 metres. By using the motorail, you will make an important contribution to preserving the ecosystem and the quality living environment in the Julian Alps.

If you are going on a round tour across the Julian Alps, you can combine your drive with a motorail on the Most na Soči–Bohinjska Bistrica route.


Cycling enthusiasts can board a special train with their bicycles and travel on the line that runs between Villach and Tarvisio and between Jesenice and Villach. And from there you can cycle back home. The line between Villach and Tarvisio will operate twice a day on weekdays and six times a day during the weekend and on public holidays. The line between Villach and Jesenice will only operate during the weekend and on public holidays (four times a day). There is room for 120 bicycles on the train. The ticket price for the Villach–Tarvisio line is €6.50, the price for the Villach–Jesenice line is €8.90, and there is a bicycle surcharge of €2. If you do not have your own bicycle, you can rent one at the Tarvisio–Boscoverde railways station. Many different types of bicycle are available, including the electric ones. The train will run on the route during the summer tourist season.

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