Sustainable mobility

Visit us by public transport.

Despite being surrounded by the mighty mountains of the Karavanke and Julian Alps, the Zgornjesavska Valley is very accessible. The nearest train station is in Jesenice, from where buses take you to Kranjska Gora, 20 km away, in half an hour. There are also train stations in Trbiž, Italy, and Villach, Austria. Bus connections run from Jesenice, with buses running every hour.

Explore the destination by bike or on foot.

You can explore the surroundings of Kranjska Gora faster and more leisurely on a bike. You can opt for a lazy pedal stroll or a more challenging excursion into the heart of the Alpine valleys. Rent a regular or electric bike from one of the rental shops. Well-marked cycle paths lead you along idyllic trails where you can’t miss the beautiful natural scenery. You can also explore Kranjska Gora on foot on the marked hiking and walking trails, of which there are more than 20 in total. A map with marked cycling and hiking trails is available at the Kranjska Gora Tourist Information Centre.

In summer, a tourist bus runs between the Nordic Centre Planica and Mojstrana, while in winter you can take a ski bus to the Kranjska Gora ski resort or even to the Nordic Centre Planica.

Drink tap water

Kranjska Gora boasts drinking water. To this end, drinking fountains have been set up around the destination, where you can refresh yourself without feeling guilty. Locations where you can fill up with drinking water with peace of mind:


Local artisans and local cuisine have come together in Kranjska Gora under the name Kranjska Gora Finest. Kranjska Gora Finest – a brand that not only showcases the magnificent beauty of our nature, but also reveals fascinating stories of tradition, culture and local craftsmanship. We invite you to immerse yourself in our world, where every product contains the essence of our region, and every mouthful takes you on an extraordinary gastronomic adventure. With our quality certificate, you can be sure of the origin and quality of our products, which contain locally sourced ingredients and materials. Each product testifies to the beauty and authenticity of our region.

The collective brand brings together producers of wooden planks, wooden earrings, knitted products, dairy products, meat and honey. You can find out more about the suppliers involved here.

Respecting nature and natural resources

Kranjska Gora is located in the heart of the Julian Alps, and part of Kranjska Gora even extends into the Triglav National Park. We strive to preserve nature as it is for future generations and visitors. When exploring the destination, stay on the marked trails, separate your waste and take it back to the valley with you.

Getting to know the nature, the cultural landscape and the people in the park is an extraordinary experience, but we must bear in mind that we are only guests in a fragile environment. The guidelines we try to follow in order to preserve nature can be found here.

Extend your visit

We are sure that Kranjska Gora offers countless activities that will make you decide to extend your visit. In addition to the famous sights such as Lake Jasna, Zelenci, Vršič, Peričnik waterfall and so on, visit the unpopulated areas for a more intimate experience. In addition to the natural attractions, Kranjska Gora offers countless opportunities for cultural activities – visit the Slovenian Alpine Museum, the Escapemuseum in Kajžnek House and the Nordic Centre in Planica. If you are a more active type of person, Kranjska Gora is the ideal destination for you, offering a diverse range of activities – hiking, cycling, tennis, golf, sport ferattas, etc.

We realise that you are probably not familiar with most of the activities and opportunities to explore the destination. If this is the case, please visit our TIC Kranjska Gora, where we will be happy to help you with advice.

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