Elizabeta Skumavc
19. 09. 2020

Summer hit: Juliana Trail hiking trail

At a respectful distance and at the foot of the Alps, the path will lead you along the edge of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park.

The Julian Alps community, of which Kranjska Gora is a part, opened the Juliana trail at the opening ceremony last autumn in Log pod Mangartom under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor.

The JULIANA TRAIL hiking trail is a 267 km long circular hiking trail that runs through valleys, through passes, through forests, urban centers, secluded plateaus and along the Sava and Soča rivers. It is divided into 16 daily stages of 18-25 km.

The JULIANA TRAIL circular long-distance route allows you to walk around the Julian Alps through urban valleys and lonely plateaus, over passes, along hidden paths of sparsely populated areas, through major tourist centers on the outskirts of the mountains, along the Soča, Sava, Bača, Tolminka and to a lesser extent Italian , border, less populated part.

At most stages we can observe the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav from all sides. During the trip we will meet the history of ironworks in Slovenia, visit the places of great Slovenian writers and poets, learn about the importance of beekeeping in the past and today, the importance of preserving quality forests, capture and drink well, meet and listen to stories of ordinary people. living on secluded farms. We walked around places that were well marked by the First World War, and of course we always admired and felt the pulse and importance of the Triglav National Park.

The interesting thing about the Juliana hiking trail is that it always offers beautiful views of the peaks of the Julian Alps, but it never rises higher than 1326 meters above sea level.

Stage 1: Kranjska Gora–Mojstrana

Stage 2: Mojstrana–Jesenice

Stage 3: Jesenice–Begunje

Stage 4: Begunje–Bled

Stage 5: Bled–Goreljek na Pokljuki

Stage 6: Goreljek na Pokljuki–Stara Fužina

Stage 7: Stara Fužina–Bohinjska Bistrica

Stage 8: Bohinjska Bistrica–Podbrdo

Stage 9: Podbrdo–Grahovo ob Bači

Stage 10: Grahovo ob Bači–Most na Soči

Stage 11: Most na Soči–Tolmin

Stage 12: Tolmin–Kobarid

Stage 13: Kobarid–Bovec

Stage 14: Bovec–Log pod Mangartom

Stage 15: Log pod Mangartom–Trbiž/Tarvisio

Stage 16: Trbiž/Tarvisio–Kranjska Gora

The length of the route is 267 km, divided into 16 daily stages of 18-25 km, and the total altitude difference is 7163 m of ascents and 7173 m of descents.




Current situation
The path is without specialties.

Protected areas
The tour passes through the following protected areas:

Triglav National Park

In these protected areas, the following rules apply:
Please follow all local nature protection guidelines
Please drive only on permitted routes.
Please do not walk out of the way.
Please do not swim in lakes and streams.
Please have a dog on a leash.
Please do not pick mushrooms.
Please do not leave trash.
Please camp on the marked areas.
Please do not pick plants.
Please do not move plants and animals.

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