A marked path from Mojstrana leads to it. It is best to reach it on foot or by bike.

Peričnik is protected as a natural heritage site, as there have been quite a few ideas in the past about using the power of its water to generate electricity. The waterfall changed its path several times during its “cutting” of the wall. Looking closely at its top, we can see the grooves in the wall. In the thirties of the twentieth century, the riverbed above the lower Peričnik became clogged and for some time Peričnik ran like a two-stranded waterfall. Today, this only happens during the heaviest downpours … Peričnik is, in a way, also a world landmark of a special kind: you can walk behind the waterfall.

From Peričnik hut, where there is also a board with all the information about the waterfall, you can reach the recorder, the lower waterfall, in ten minutes. To cross at the back or under the waterfall to the other side, be very careful as the trail is wet and slippery.

You can climb to the second, upper waterfall, but its height is only 16 meters.

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