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The candles are made from 100% beeswax, the most expensive and prized natural wax in the world. They burn cleaner and longer, purify the air thanks to propolis and give off a pleasant honey scent.


In the beautiful Upper Sava Valley, among the flowering meadows, lies the Toni Beekeeping Farm. The unspoilt nature surrounded by the Karavanke and Julian Alps offers ideal conditions for grazing bees in an alpine environment. Bees have played a central role in preserving nature for many decades, helping to maintain the balance of nature through pollination. Our experience in the production of bee products enables us to offer our customers the best of the beehive. We produce award-winning flower and forest honey (Rateška strd), and collect pollen, which bees eagerly bring in the form of colourful clumps, which they collect in nearby meadows and orchards and on wildflowers. We handmake candles from 100% beeswax. They burn cleaner and longer, purify the air thanks to the presence of propolis and give off a pleasant scent.

Here, the visitor gets close to the bee, the bee colony and learns all its secrets and abilities. Inside the apiary, you can smell and listen to the hard-working bees at work. In the surroundings of the apiary you can visit a garden planted with honey-bee perennials, where you can learn about the plants important for the bees’ diet. Special attention has been paid to the hive finial, which is particularly artistically painted. Today, our traditional headboards represent the history of Rateč and the surrounding area. 

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100% beeswax


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