We invite all lovers of a cosy home atmosphere and fine drinks to our richly laid tables, which are never short of delicacies of local and international cuisine. We have been welcoming guests since 1912, when the original owners – Grandma Neža and Grandpa Lojze – opened the inn on the same spot.

We are very proud of our long family culinary tradition. We still use some of the recipes and respect the cooking secrets that have evolved over generations. Our specialities include authentic Slovenian dishes made with local ingredients.

We are very fortunate to be located in close proximity to Planica and Tromì. In summer, we invite hikers to enjoy our famous chicken on our shaded terrace. In winter, winter sports enthusiasts are not lacking among our guests – in addition to those who decide to try out the “Rateški krapi”, there are also those who spend several days with us. We are also happy to take advantage of Pokljuka’s opportunities, especially during the mushroom season, when you can try a variety of mushroom dishes.

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