Restaurant Milka

Milka is a new boutique experience in the heart of the Julian Alps. We are delighted to share our story with you.

Restaurant Milka is one of a kind, merging Nordic & Alpine, modern & classic, in a way like a rebellious kid striving for perfection on their own terms. Restaurant Milka was awarded its second Michelin star in 2023, placing it at the very top of Slovenian cuisine.

Our vision is founded on providing regional seasonal ingredients, inspired by the Alpine surroundings and traditions. The Alpine seasons are inherently short and intense, therefore we wanted to portray these aspects throughout our menu, while never compromising on the quality of our ingredients.

Given the geographical location we are in, we seek to transcend the man-made borders by building on ingredients from our neighbouring countries of Austria and Italy, because we believe supporting local producers is one of the key factors in creating a future for responsible and unforgettable culinary experiences.

Acting responsibly toward society and the environment does not only come via the selection of producers, but we perceive it as an idea that permeates every aspect of our fine dining experience. It is for these reasons that we went ahead and worked with Slovene craftsmen in creating our own ceramics from the minerals found in the immediate vicinity of Lake Jasna, as well as wooden plates & utensils which have all been made from our own timber.


Slovenia is a winegrowing country with more than 28.000 winegrowers. That is why our main focus is on presenting Slovenian wine culture as a whole and thus giving the platform also to less known, small winegrowers from all regions. Being located in the tri-state area, wines from neighbouring regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy), Carinthia and Styria (Austria) are also presented, together with classical French wine regions, focusing on great representatives of their respective regions.

For cocktail enthusiasts we provide a selection of bespoke house-made cocktails, that are inspired by regional ingredients and alpine nature. These carefully crafted cocktails come served on an ice made from natural spring water from Slovenia, just for your pleasure.

Not into alcohol? Our chef and barman work tirelessly to provide you with the same experience through our juice pairing that connects food and beverage on a whole new level that won’t leave you second guessing your choice.

To conclude with the same passion, our coffee and tea program is something special too. Coffee, responsibly sourced from the world and roasted in Slovenia, is given the attention that you would only expect from a hipsterish coffee place in New York or Paris. Our teas, some hand picked from nature and dried in the restaurant, others sourced from organic producers come brewed in an artisanal clay pot hand made just for us in Slovenia.


Head Chef David Žefran, had worked in several fine dining restaurants, most recently in a 3* Michelin restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden, when the pandemic brought him home. His mind is teeming with electrifying food ideas and his attention to detail and scenographic potential was put to use in redesigning the kitchen and the dining room.

We can say with confidence that he is a chef with artistic values and Nordic experience, while also being super conscious about the environment and how we can push the needle further on sustainability within the food and beverage industry. He leads by example.


Allow plenty of time for dinner at Milka: around three and a half hours. We serve only one tasting menu.

Wednesday to Sunday from 18.00 to 22.30

last reservation is at 19.30

Podrobnosti restavracije

  • Vršiška cesta 45
  • Višji
  • Rooms
  • For hotel guests

Contact information

  • +386 59 77 95 90

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