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Coronavirus measures and information (COVID-19)
Last updated – 18.09.2020

Here we publish current and key information and recommendations for the protection of the health of citizens of the municipality of Kranjska Gora and all measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other information intended for the tourism industry.

In December 2019, several cases of pneumonia were detected in the city of Wuhan in China. Many common causes of pneumonia have been ruled out as respiratory infections and confirmed infection with a new coronavirus. The new coronavirus was named SARS-CoV-2, and the disease caused by the virus was named COVID-19. The disease is manifested by fever, cough, and a feeling of shortness of breath, which is common for pneumonia. COVID-19 infection is now spreading across Europe. For preventive reasons and in order to prevent the spread of infection and to facilitate the organization and adoption of measures, the Republic of Slovenia declared an epidemic on 12 March 2020 at 6 pm on the basis of Article 7 of the Infectious Diseases Act due to the growing number of coronavirus infections. May 15, 2020 epidemic was officially canceled. Despite the announcement of the end of the epidemic in Slovenia, some preventive measures taken with the aim of containment still remain, as there has been a significant increase in COVID-19 infection since mid-August.

Last updated, 18.09.2020


The coronavirus situation is getting worse again. New orders come on a daily basis, which is why we are publishing a website on which the rules for crossing the Slovenian border are published.

As the situation changes from day to day, we advise you to monitor this website regularly.

Below is also the telephone number of the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, where they will provide you with updated information regarding the crossing of the border with the Republic of Slovenia.

Consular Section Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia

Tel. No .: +386 01/478 20 10



The government has taken some measures to limit the re-spread of the covid-19 virus, including the mandatory wearing of protective masks indoors and on public transport.

Notwithstanding the encouraging sedation, the risk of spreading still exists, so distance, hand hygiene and coughing should be strictly observed and patients should be isolated. In all enclosed public spaces, hand disinfection and wearing a mask or scarf are mandatory. The same applies to passengers in public transport, who must wear a protective mask and disinfect their hands when entering and during transport. Wearing a mask or scarf is mandatory also in crowdy public space, when people can not keep 1,5 metres safe distance. 


In the border area with Austria, three roadside checkpoints have been identified:

Karavanke – Karawankentunnel,
Ljubelj – Loibltunnel
Sentilj (motorway) – Spielfeld (Motorway),

Citizens of Slovenia and Austria can also cross the state border outside these checkpoints, ie at the Korensko Sedlo border crossing.

Two checkpoints have been set up on road connections in the border area with Hungary:

Dolga vas – Redics,
Pince (motorway) – Torniyszentmiklos (Országút)

Citizens of Slovenia and Hungary can also cross the state border outside these checkpoints.

In the border area with Italy, four road checkpoints have been set up:

Vrtojba – St. Andrea,
Fernetici – Fernetti,
Škofije – Rabuiese,
Krvavi potok – Pesse.

Citizens of Slovenia and Italy can also cross the state border outside these checkpoints, ie at the Rateče border crossing.


Due to the effects of the covid-19 virus epidemic, air traffic in Europe and around the world is severely limited. Ljubljana Airport has been reopened to passenger traffic since 12 May, when the government lifted the ban on international air passenger transport.

Informative seasonal flight schedule from Brnik, which represents the current official flight forecasts of carriers may change depending on the frequency of changes in the forecast and performance of flights to passengers, so Fraport Slovenia is advised to inquire about accurate flight options on the websites of carriers.

Wash your hands regularly with soap! When sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth and nose according to cough hygiene. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands! Stay at home as much as possible and don’t go to the shops unnecessarily.

As the call center is no longer operational from 12 June, citizens can contact the competent national authorities directly with questions about the new coronavirus and requests for assistance:

As the call center is no longer operational from 12 June, citizens can contact the competent national authorities directly with questions about the new coronavirus and requests for assistance:

For medical recommendations and instructions, the competent services of the National Institute of Public Health are available to users on the telephone number +386 01 2441 729

When you have been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection and your medical condition does not require hospital treatment at your own discretion, treatment of the infection is symptomatic. The most important thing, however, is to go into self-isolation and thus prevent further spread of the infection. At this link you can see how self-insulation works and what you need to pay special attention to.

Please follow the instructions below to prevent the spread of new coronavirus

· Stay home until you recover. Avoid contact with other people.

· Spend most of your time in a different room than other family members if at all possible. Limit contact with family members (maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters between you and other family members).

· Ventilate the rooms in which you stay regularly. Ventilate the room for five to ten minutes several times a day.

· Observe proper cough hygiene (before coughing / sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a paper towel or cough / sneeze into the upper part of the sleeve). Dispose of the tissue after each use.

· Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and disinfect if necessary.

· Use your own cutlery / hygiene items, laundry and towels.

· Clean surfaces visibly contaminated with respiratory secretions; also clean other surfaces regularly. Use cleaners you have at home.

· Wash your laundry with regular washing powder at at least 60⁰C. In case of worsening of the condition (worsening of cough with purulent sputum, difficulty breathing, apathy and confusion, etc.), consult your personal physician over the phone about further measures.

List of countries for crossing the state border without restrictions

Point 17 of Article 10 of the Decree on Ordering and Implementing Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Infectious Disease COVID-19 at Border Crossings at the External Border, at Checkpoints at Internal Borders and in the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia, which states that “citizens of coming from countries on the list of safe countries that were on the list of safe countries at the time of booking and which at that time in the Republic of Slovenia arranged the reservation of accommodation in an accommodation establishment, regardless of the fact that it was deleted from the list of safe countries. green list), and prove this with proof of reservation in Slovenia can enter without quarantine.

Link to the green list of epidemiologically safe countries

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