Koča na Gozdu

The cottage is situated on a mountain road over the Vršič Pass and offers excellent Slovenian home-cooked meals.

It is about 8 km from Kranjska Gora. It is very suitable for a school or kindergarten in nature as well as for families and individual guests. In 2013, we were awarded the title of Family Friendly Cottage by the Slovenian Mountaineering Association.

In Koča na Gozdu we serve homemade Slovenian dishes such as strudels, Gorenjska carp, spoon dishes, blueberry strudel, etc., perfectly prepared venison – deer roast and deer goulash, in short, we have a varied culinary offer.

There are grassy areas around the hut, suitable for sports activities and lectures in the fresh air. The cottage is surrounded by greenery, stands in a whisper of larch trees and is bathed in sunshine.
From the terrace, visitors can admire the enchanting view of Špik, the Frdamany shelves and Prisank, whose cliffs hide natural wonders such as the Prisojnik window, through which the sun sometimes shines, and the rock monolith of the Ajdovska Maiden, whose legend still circulates among people today.

Capacity of the Hut in the Woods:
1st floor – rooms with bathroom: 4 rooms for 3 – 6 persons
2nd floor – rooms with shared bathroom: 4 rooms for 4 – 8 persons
3rd floor – shared beds: room for 12 persons
The cottage has 53 beds. It has a large dining area, which is also used for other activities such as workshops, lectures, etc.

Accommodation details

  • Vršiška cesta 86, 4280 Kranjska Gora
  • Ugodno
  • Excellent Slovenian dishes
  • Breakfast included

Contact information

  • http://prezlc.si/koca_na_gozdu/
  • info@prezlc.si
  • 041 682 704

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